The first itch to brew came a few years back with a simple father's day home brew kit, and a curious husband. Heightened work stress and new-parent struggles led that same husband to dive into his newfound passion for brewing headfirst. He became a homebrewer. Backyard beer tastings and parties ensued, and Lions Roar was born. 

The itch that led to the idea of opening a brewery happened a few  years later. While experiencing the decline of his father's health due to cancer, Tim's fire was ignited. He was going to take his love for homebrewing and turn it into his career, because life is short.

We’re a husband and wife team, so I guess you can consider us a “mom and pop” brewery. It’s a title we happily embrace. Our focus and footprint is small, intentionally. Our goal is to make genuine craft beer for our friends, neighbors and community. Our hope is to make strangers feel like they’re our friends, wish they were our neighbors and crave to be a part of our community.

We’re going to be honest about something. We aren’t just in it for the beer. We really needed a place, and a good excuse, to get away from the kids for a little while of every day. A place that also felt like home. A place we could escape to, and socialize in. A place where we could share our beer with new friends. We’ve been metaphorically piecing this place together in our heads for the last 10+ years, with zero knowledge it would be real one day. Well…we did it. And while our kids, and your kids, may welcomingly invade our oasis during daylight hours, this place will always be exclusively for us. And you.

Our first born was the inspiration behind the name, and the logo. His cry out of the womb was ferocious and troublingly loud. The first year of his life was wonderful and terrifying all at the same time. We always referred to him as our little lion man, and despite his gentle and kind soul, we always will. We hope our name will serve as a message to the timid to unleash the inner lion once in a while!

We’re lucky enough to be opening our doors in our beloved town of Westfield, NJ. While state law prohibits any microbrewery from making or selling food, there are numerous outstanding food options all within a short walk or quick delivery ride away. Consider us a BYOF(ood)! Come thirsty, hungry and ready to socialize!

We look forward to seeing your face and getting to know your story. Cheers!

- Tim & Corinne

Lions Roar Brewing Co.   517-519 South Ave W. Westfield, NJ 07090   info@lionsroarbrewing.com